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Simply 2010,
Conference on Administrative Simplification in Official Statistics

The Conference was held as part of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU in Ghent, Belgium, on 2 and 3 December 2010.


The Conference followed on from the 94th conference of the Directors General of the National Statistical Institutes (DGINS) in Vilnius, Lithuania, on the reduction of administrative burden caused by official statistics.

Statistics Belgium wins Agoria e-Gov Award
Statistics Belgium has won the 8th edition of the e-Gov Awards of Agoria, the Belgian federation for the technology industry. Agoria unites companies from the technological sector, which employs approximately 275,000 people.
Statistics Belgium won the award for “Best Project” with its simplification and automation project of SBS. Additionally our FPS won the award for cost-effectiveness with the SOCTAR project. In previous years the Agoria e-Gov Award went to the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC), the Crossroads Bank for Social Security (CBSS) and the Administrative Simplification Service (ASS).
The trophy for the e-Gov Award was presented on 3 December during the conference Simply 2010 by Erwin Depue, director-general of the Administrative Simplification Service.The SBS project was launched as a response to demands from the business world for simplification and cost savings concerning the Structural Business Statistics Survey (SBS). Collecting statistics was simplified a great deal by reducing the target group and survey frequency, and by simplifying the questionnaire and variables, without affecting the statistical relevance in any way. Also web surveys were automated to a large extent, by combining a number of statistical techniques. Thanks to a specific promotion and communications campaign, the new survey has become a tremendous success. As much as 90% of all declarations were filled electronically. This helped reduce the administrative burden for enterprises by 2.17 million euro.
Our FPS also won the e-Gov Award for Cost-Effectiveness with SOCTAR. This project has automated the allowances for a social tariff for electricity and/or gas. Before 1 July 2009 customers needed to personally file a request to their energy supplier to apply the social tariff. This is no longer the case.


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